Upcoming Events

Saturday morning would be a good time to head over to the gorgeous Guadalupe River State Park. That is when park staff will be stocking the river with Rainbow Trout. Bring your own gear and bait and remember that you don’t need a fishing license to fish here. The weather should be perfect for the outing. Have fun,

Now is the time to head over to Millers Pond in San Antonio or on the Guadalupe River around the 4th Crossing down from Canyon Lake if you are in the mood for some trout fishing. That is where the TPWD is stocking this week for your angling pleasure. Grab the kreel, get the fly rod, and maybe you can catch yourself something to cook for dinner. Get while the gettin is good.

If you are looking for something to do that is a lot of fun and out of the ordinary for NYE consider heading over to the gorgeous Quihi Dance Hall. This is a superb place to go dancing that certainly is worth a visit and it will cost you only a lousy $20 to dance all the way into 2019. Have a blast and remember not to swing dance to the waltzes, this ain’t the Broken Spoke.

If you want to head out for some free music during the daytime this weekend, consider heading over to Gruene Hall. That is when they are going to feature Flat Top Jones on Saturday and Slimb Bawb on Sunday. Should be a lot of tun.

Looking for something to do tonight? If you are in Austin you could head over to 37th St to look at Christmas lights and then go to the Broken Spoke to put your two step on for some Alvin Crow. Should be a lot of fun.

Hey, there is going to be a big dance over at the Quihi Dance Hall tomorrow night. Should be loads of fun. Just sayin.

This weekend after the sun goes down it would be a good time to head over to Lampasas. That is the best time to see the Christmas light display along the creek. Remember, this coming weekend is the last one before Christmas so get off your Grinch sofa and take the kids or your girlfriend or boyfriend out to see the lights while you can. Have fun.

In case you have not heard, the lights are back on along 37th St in Austin again. Not as extravagant as back in the day, but it is pretty impressive nonetheless. When you go don’t be lame and drive down the street. The best way to experience it is to go for a walk. Afterwards, you can run over to Cosmic and enjoy some more lights.

We are going to have some really nice weather to go fishing this weekend. Higher than average highs and no chance of rain. If it is trout you are after you should consider going over to Bandera City Park, Blanco State Park, the Louise Hays Park in Kerrville, or the Guadalupe River around the 4th Crossing on River Road down from Canyon because those are the locations where TPWD will be stocking those delicious flappers this week. That or you could go to the mall for some last minute Christmas shopping. One other thing, you are cheating if you use marshmallows for bait. Just sayin.

There are lots of Christmas traditions in the Hill Country going on these days. The Marketplatz ice rink and lights in Fredericksburg, the Llano snow day and lights reflecting off the Llano River, Trail of Lights and spinning under the Zilker Tree in Austin, glowing lights along the River Walk in San Antonio, the Christmas lights and Cowboy Kringle in Gruene, lighting the historic outhouse behind the Rio Medina Store, and the launching of the Viking Christmas Fleet in the historic Menard Water Ditch are some of the better known ones. Another famous Hill Country yule tide tradition is the crowd pleasing Christmas Ball held over in Luckenbach. That shindig will be held this coming Saturday night and it features none other than the world renowned Gary P Nunn. There are still some GA tickets available, but you need to hurry and make a purchase because this popular show is bound to sell out. Have fun and make sure you know all the words to London Homesick Blues before you head out because singing just the chorus is pretty lame.