Upcoming Events

TPWD stocked trout on Onion Creek in Austin yesterday at McKinney Falls State Park. Get there today if you can, and maybe wait until Friday or the weekend after it warms up following the cold front coming into town tomorrow night. Have fun, trout stocking season is almost over.

OK, so tomorrow it is going to be 80 and the low Wednesday morning will be 32. Then it will warm up to around 70 on the weekend, which looks like it will be a perfect time to get outside. If you are looking for something to do, the folks at Inks Lake State Park will be conducting casting lessons. That will be a great way to get in some practice for some spring time fishing. Lessons will be on the lawn in the morning, and then there will be a twilight hike later in the afternoon. Have fun.

There is going to be a big dance over at the Twin Sisters Dance Hall tomorrow night. It should be a lot of fun, just remember not to overdo it during the schottische or you might pull something. Enjoy.

TPWD is stocking trout at Blanco State Park, and tomorrow at Huaco Springs Campground near New Braunfels. The clock is ticking so if you want to snag a few more trout this season, get out as soon as you can. Have fun.

Do not tarry. Do not invite regret. Do not leave yourself with saying, “Oh well, I will go next year.” Trout stocking season is almost over. Get out there while you can. Remember, no octogenarian ever said, “I wished I would have worked more and fished less.” Trout have been stocked at Garner, and on the Llano River and James Crossing near Mason. Fish on Ezekiel.

The Park Rangers at Enchanted Rock are going to be conducting guided hikes on this gorgeous pink granite batholith on Saturday and Sunday morning. The view from the top is spectacular. Have fun.

Tomorrow night should be a great time to head over to the historic Quihi Dance Hall. There will be Baptists dancing right out in front of everyone, one or two of the guys might bring in a flask full of Bourbon, and everybody will be yelling BS when the Cotton Eyed Joe is played. Have fun.

If you like geology, and you probably do whether you know it or not, Saturday afternoon would be a great time to head over to McKinney Falls State Park. There will be a guided hike where you will learn how the land was formed that created the falls. Should be lots of fun, as long as you watch where you are going and don’t twist your ankle. Have fun.

Trout stocking season is about to come to an end, so get out there while you can. TPWD will be doing their next to last stocking at Huaco Springs Campground on Friday. That is a beautiful spot on the river, there is no football this weekend, so you might as well see if you can go catch a couple of flappers. Fish on Mortimore.

Saturday would be a good time to head over to Garner State Park. In the afternoon that day, park staff will conduct a guided hike. You will learn lots about the geology and forest creatures in the park, you will be able to get that last bit of New Year resolution exercise in before you abandon that commitment in February, and you won’t have to miss any football. Have fun.