Upcoming Events

If you are looking for something different to do, give some thought to going out to Inks Lake State Park early Saturday evening. That is when they are going to conduct a guided hike in search of forest creatures. Should be fun.

Today is the day TPWD stocks trout at Garner State Park. You look like you are coming down with something so maybe you ought to take Friday off just to be safe. Fish on Horace.

Hooray for Luckenbach. This Saturday the good folks at Luckenbach will be throwing their annual Blues Festival. Tickets are ‘$30. Should be fun, and don’t forget to say hello to the chickens.

you are still barely clutching on to your New Year’s resolution go get in more exercise, consider heading over to Colorado Bend State Park Saturday morning for a guided hike. It will be fun, educational, informative, and it will give you a chance to burn a few calories. Afterwards, you can go get a couple of beers and watch football.

A front is heading this way so expect storms this afternoon and evening. However, the forecast for tomorrow is highs in the mid 50s with lots of sun. Sunday looks even better as the temperature will rise up to the mid 60s. If you are looking for something to do this weekend outdoors, remember that TPWD will be stocking trout at Bullfrog Pond near Manor today. You can go in the morning and still have time to watch the feetball games. Fish on Archibald.

Grab your jacket and get ready to learn a whole lot about the Pedernales Falls State Park geology this Saturday during a guided hike conducted by park staff. Should be fun, educational, and you can get in a bit of exercise while you are at it. Try to refrain from asking, when the river is running how do you make it slow down?

The weather is going to get chilly starting Friday night, but it looks like it will be fine on Saturday to get out and enjoy the day. Should be sunny and 60. Park staff will lead a “cast for bass” lesson at McKinney Falls State Park if you want to improve your angling skills. Class will be held on the lawn. Have fun.

If you are looking for something different to do Saturday night, consider heading over to Enchanted Rock. That is when park staff will lead a guided night time hike. Should be educational and a lot of fun, and afterwards you will still have time to go have some night time fun in Fredericksburg.

Later this week the folks at TPWD will stock trout on the Guadalupe River upstream from Huaco Springs Campground. That means this weekend would be a good time to go fishing there. Fish on.

Pedernales State Park is the place to be tomorrow afternoon. Park staff will conduct a guided hike to tell you all about the 300 million year old fossils at the park. Fun, educational, and you can get out and stretch your legs.