Upcoming Events

Believe it or not, the high temperature on Saturday is going to be about 20 degrees higher than today. That would be a good time to head over to Inks Lake State Park for a guided hike. They will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about that sensational spot. Have fun.

Contact the Lost Maples State Park to inquire about foliage conditions these days. The leaves started turning a while back and they will be at full color soon. Try to go during the week to avoid the crowds. Have fun.

Blanco State Park is the place to be this coming Saturday if you are looking for something to do with your dog. There will be an adoption station, vendors selling K9 items, a couple of guided dog hikes, and Santa will be there for you to get your picture made with your pooch. Don’t forget to bring the elf hat for your hound.

Last weekend for Wurstfest. Just sayin.

The first weekend of Wurstfest is over, but you have from now until Sunday to get out and enjoy the festivities. If you are going to ride the Gravitron it probably is best to do that before you have too many sausages on a stick. Have fun and get ready to polka, polka, polka.

Tomorrow night there is going to be a big dance over at the Twin Sisters Dance Hall a little south of Blanco. It will be fun, fun, fun. If you go you will be glad you did. No swing dancing to Faded Love.

There is a pretty good chance of rain on Sunday so if you want to get outside this weekend Saturday might be your best bet. If you have never been, you should consider heading over to the Guadalupe River State Park for the weekly guided hike Saturday morning. It is a beautiful area and the park ranger or master naturalist conducting the hike will tell you lots and lots about the critters and plants that live in the park. On top of all that you can go hang out by the river afterwards. Not a bad way to spend the morning, but don’t forget to take a jacket. Afterwards, you can go watch football from afternoon until late at night if that is what lights your fire. Have fun.


If you want to take your kids out for some free fishing lessons, you might want to head over to Blanco State Park Saturday morning.  They will teach your offspring how to tie knots, which bait to use, how to cast properly, and a few more tips on how to find the place where the fish are most likely hanging.  They will have a few loaner poles, but it would be better to bring out your own gear.  Have fun.

It is almost November so stay tuned on conditions out at Lost Maples. The leaves are just barely starting to turn and that is happening a little late in the season because of all the rain we have had. Those trees need a fair amount of sunlight this time of year in order to tell the leaves to get rid of their chlorophyll with the result being they turn vibrant yellow to orange colors. Look for brighter colors out there in the coming weeks.

It soon will be early November so that means it is time for the big Wurstfest celebration in New Braunfels this coming weekend. This ten day salute to sausage will feature all kinds of delicious food (don’t miss the pork chop on a stick), lots of bier, adorable carnies, waltzes, polkas, and plenty of chicken dances. Have fun.