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Here is a fun trip around Wimberley (a town that was established by, gasp, cypress tree cutters as were several other towns in the Hills) that might take you to a couple of places you have not yet seen. Dry off from your morning spent at Blue Hole and then take RR 12 south of Wimberley towards San Marcos. ·At the junction with 32, take a right onto 32 and follow it up the Devil’s Backbone for a nice view of the Guadalupe and Blanco River Basins. ·If you do not need to stop at Riley’s or the Devil’s Backbone Tavern, proceed on 32 heading west until you come to the intersection of 32 with 484. ·Turn to the right onto 484 and then right again onto Fischer Store Rd/CR 181 heading to the Fischer Store, which no longer is a store. Just down the road you will pass by the Fischer Hall and the bowling alley. They both probably will be closed, so you might want to consider stopping at the Fischer Store to get information as to when those places will be open. Both can be a great deal of fun. ·Follow CR 181/Fischer Store Road until you get to the “T” where you will turn to the left (west) onto 2325. ·Next, take a right onto CR 244/Ledgerock Road. ·Stay on Ledgerock and it will twist and turn and eventually you will get to the intersection with Mount Sharp Road/220 where you will turn to the right. ·This road should take you past Jacob’s Well to a stop sign at a “T”. ·Take a left at the stop sign onto Jacob’s Well Road. Follow that road until you get to RR 12 where you will take a left. ·A few miles before Dripping Springs you will come to 150 where you should turn to the right. ·Follow 150 until you come to Driftwood, and be on the look out because there isn’t much in Driftwood other than an old store on the right and a church on the left. ·Once you get to Driftwood you need to turn right onto Elder Hill Road, which is a fun little road full of twists and turns.·Follow Elder Hill Road all the way back to RR 12 where you will turn left and head back to Wimberley where you can go hang out by the Cypress Creek Nature Preserve or see whether they are showing motion pictures outside that night at the Corral Theatre.

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Wimberley-Henly Loop

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