Spencer’s Canoes

Spencer's Canoes

Spencer’s Canoes

Not exactly in the Hill Country proper because it is east of IH 35, but this place rents canoes and kayaks for use on the enticing San Marcos River. They also allow camping on their property and the best place to set up a tent is on the southeast corner of the property furthest away from the entrance. The runs from up near San Marcos down to here are more fun than the run immediately downstream from this outfitter, which is pretty flat. One popular put in is at Westerfield Crossing/CR 101, but be sure to call beforehand to inquire about the river conditions at Old Mill Rapids, Broken Bone Rapid, Cottonseed Rapid (you could pin or wrap your boat at Cottonseed if you are not careful), and the PVC pipe at the low water bridge. You will also need to portage the boats if you are going to be up by Cummings Dam or Martindale Dam. Non-aggressive dogs may be brought to the campground if you keep them on a leash. The portion of the river that runs by the campground is easy to access if you want to go for a swim. And one last thing, these folks can tell you everything you need to know about the Texas Safari. The San Marcos River Pub & Grill is located just up the road if you want to go hang out by the Rio Vista play area and grab a beer. Take the Highway 80 exit from IH 35 in San Marcos heading east and follow it until you can turn right onto 1979, which will take you right to this place after you cross the river.

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Location Details:

Spencer’s Canoes
9515 FM 1979
Martindale, TX 78655
(512) 357-6113

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