South Marble Falls Loop

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This is a short drive just south of Marble Falls, which is the home of the annual speed boat roaces. This drive should take you to some fun country roads that you will find enjoyable. Start off by having breakfast at the Blue Bonnet Café or take something to eat to one of the parks on the lake and then take 281 south from Marble Falls.·Turn left onto 2147 and then turn right on CR 401. ·Stay on CR 401 and this road will cross 71.·Cross 71 and CR 401 should morph into CR 304 when you are in Blanco County. ·Stay on CR 304 (dirt road for a ways) and that should get you down to 962 at Cypress Mill where you will turn left.·Follow 962 for a short distance and turn left onto CR 302/Old Spicewood Rd. There is a portion of 302 we call the roller coaster that is in a fairly remote location. You probably will be able to figure out where it is on this leg of the trip.·Stay on 302 until you come to an intersection. You will need to turn to the right. ·Follow that road to 71where you will take a left.·Stay on 71 until you get to Spur 191 where you will turn right at the Exxon in Spicewood.·Next, take a left onto CR 404 (Spicewood Rd.). Krause Springs is the other way at the 404 intersection if you want to take a dip at one of the best swimming holes in the Hill Country. ·Follow CR 404/Spicewood until you get to 2147 where you will turn left.·2147 will take you back to 281 and you turn right to get back to Marble Falls.·If you made it through all that without any problems your companion should offer to buy you a drink at the Old Oak Ice House. Afterwards you can go to Thomas’ Bait Shop and ask them what the scaley creatures are hitting on these days (and we are not talking about that snarkey guy you saw at the bar the other night). Yeah you’re right Thomas has live bait. Get your hand out of the minnow tank junior, your mama doesn’t want you smelling like fish.

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South Marble Falls Loop

Marble Falls, TX 78654
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