Menard-Junction-Mason Loop

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Start out in the ranching community of Menard for this loop that will take you through various locations of the northwest portion of the Hill Country. If it is a pleasant morning, you might want to take the “ditch walk” in Menard before starting your journey so you can get the blood flowing before starting your drive. How many people do you know who can say they have done that? Also, see if you can get any of the locals to spin the yarn about the lost silver mine that reportedly is located somewhere close to town. If you need to rent a kayak up in this neck of the woods you can do so at each of the three towns you will be driving through today and the outfitters there should be able to give you some good information about river conditions, campgrounds and fishing opportunities. In Menard, check with San Saba River Adventures. ·Head south over the gentle rolling hills along 2291 from Menard towards Cleo. ·Take a right onto Ellis Road.·Stay on Ellis and eventually it will turn to the right and take you to Hardeman Road.·Once you get to Hardeman, take a left.·When you get over to Kimble County Hardeman should turn into CR 213.·When you get to the “T” turn left onto 210 and that will take you to Cleo and 2291. ·Turn right onto 2291 and head down to 290/IH 10 where you will turn left (east). ·Stay on 290/IH 10 and head into Junction, which is an excellent little town here in the western hills. Some folks say there are more flowing streams here than in any other Texas county. Could be, there certainly are several places to rent boats to take on the river. We have heard that the town was named after the junction of the Llano River and the South Llano River, which causes us to think the town should be named Confluence, but then again nobody asked us. Junction area outfitters include Meacham Outfitters, Peacemaker Expedition, South Llano River Canoes, Used to be Sonny’s and Goodman’s. You might want to stop off at Hill Country Sporting Goods on Main Street if you need to replace or supplement your gear. ·From Junction, turn left (north) onto 2169 and follow that road until you get to 320 (Pipeline Rd) and then turn left onto 320.·You will come to the 320 crossing, which can be a fun play area. This road will turn into a dirt road after a while.·When you come to the “T” turn right to stay on 320. ·You will next want to turn left (north) onto 385 and when you get to 1871 you will turn right (east) and head to Mason, which is another excellent little town on the western edge of the Hills. Mason area outfitters include Hemphill Insurance (yes, that’s right), and Llano River Region Adventures is located southeast of town on 87. Both Junction and Mason have a number of places to grab a bite to eat and they also have visitor centers containing a great deal of information. These visitor centers are terrific places to pick up free county road maps and brochures regarding outdoor activities. At the very least, you should consider taking a walk around the courthouse square in Mason. Ask the locals to tell you the story of where the stones came from to construct some of the buildings on the square.·From Mason you can head west on 377 and then take the 29 cutoff to go through Hext (old post office might still be around) and then back to Menard.

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Menard-Junction-Mason Loop

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