Mason-Llano Loop

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You might want to walk around the square in Mason to loosen up your legs and to take a look at the courthouse and other structures before taking the long way over to Llano. This route will take you through some very pretty countryside in the Llano Uplift portion of the Hill Country. This area is of course much different than the central portion of the Hill Country with all of that area’s cypress trees and relatively dark soils. Pssst. If you are hungry you can eat at the Cooper’s in Mason and the line should not be nearly as long as the one in Llano, but you should know that we were told the two restaurants are not owned by the same folks. Begin by heading north on 386. ·You will want to turn right (east) on 2618 and follow that until you can get onto Fly Gap Road (dirt road) where you will be heading north. ·Stay on Fly Gap until you come to 71 and then turn right on 71 going through Pontotoc (San Fernando Academy ruins). ·You then will turn left (north) onto 411/Field Creek Road and follow that road and it will take you into San Saba County. ·Once you cross the county line stay on the same road and it should take you to 501. ·Turn right onto 501 (east) and head towards Cherokee to the Cherokee Grocery Store for some tasty breads and deserts prepared by Sue. ·Turn right onto 16 and head to Llano ·Since you are in Llano, you might want to go see what the new owners have done with the Dabb’s. If you didn’t eat at Cooper’s in Mason, you could go check the line at the Cooper’s in Llano. ·From Llano, head west on 29 and turn right (north) onto 403. At this point you will be taking a bunch of back roads that are not paved rather than taking the straight shot over to Mason. If you get turned around, and you would not be the first to do that, take any of these roads south and you should hit 29 or head north and you should hit 71. You are about to be heading to some remote areas with superb redish soils.·From 403, turn left (west) onto 404 (dirt road) and follow it until you get to 405A (see a trend?) where you will turn right (north). ·Take 405A until you get to 405 where you will turn right again (north). ·This should take you to 405B where you will turn left (west) and head to Hickory Grove. ·Take a left at Hickory Grove and follow it heading south to Union, which should get you to 29. You are almost off the dirt road.·Head west on 29 through Art (1890 church) if you want to get back to Mason.When in Mason you can take a walk around the old square and see what is playing at the Odeon.

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Mason-Llano Loop

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