Mason-Harper Loop

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This is a relatively short, but scenic drive south of the beautiful town of Mason to Harper where you can stop for lunch or dinner, or as granddad would say, dinner or supper. You will go by the James River bat cave during this journey and you will pass through a fair amount of water-sculptured formations. However, you should be very careful because reflector poles have been known to jump out into the road on occasion up around these parts. Begin by heading south on Highway 87 out of Mason. ·Turn right (south) onto 1723 and follow that road and after a little ways it also is referred to as Simonsville Road. You might see some right angle turns to the right off of 1723 that say Simonsville Road, but do not take them. Just stay on the same road you began with and don’t turn off of it until you . . . ·Turn right (south) onto 783 heading towards Hilda (old church photo op) and follow that road to Doss. ·After turning right onto 783 you will need to take a left onto Doss Spring Creek Road and follow it south to the Old Harper Road where you will turn right (west).·Follow Old Harper and it will take you to 290, which you will take to Harper (Longhorn Café – has good grub always, music occasionally, and you can go out back of the cafe to see if the horses are in their stalls).·After you are finished in Harper, head north on 783 (Doss-Harper Road) back up to Doss. Continue north on 783 until you get to Salt Branch Loop where you will take a left (west). Later this will become a dirt road and you definitely will be out in the sticks.·While on Salt Branch you will come to an intersection with East Mill where you will turn left. You are looking for James River Road and you might be helped out by signs leading you there or that lead you to the bat cave (which is located off of James River Road).·Once you drive the short distance to James River Road you will turn right (north). This road will take you over a couple of terrific crossings of the James River and to the bat cave>. Careful not to go here when the water is up or a story about you might appear in the newspaper. It is a very scenic and sometimes a very bumpy, dirt road especially when you get to the other side of the bat cave. Your CD player will have a fit on portions of this road, but the river has carved out a beautiful watercourse here on your left. ·Follow James River Road all the way until it turns into 2389 where you will turn left (north), which should take you back to 1723 and to Mason.·How was that for an off the beaten path drive?·Once back in Mason you could go grab a bite to eat on the square or see what gives over at the Odeon or talk to Llano River Adventures about renting a kayak.

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Mason-Harper Loop

Mason, TX 76856
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