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If you are in a hurry you could always take 16 from Llano to Willow City to see this part of the Hill Country, but we prefer an alternate route. Many folks wait until the Spring to head to Willow City, but it also is a beautiful drive even when there are no wildflowers to be seen. You do not want to take this route if you are on a tight schedule and you should know that there are a few opportunities to get turned around so try to take your time and enjoy the scenery. Also, try not to be so concerned about where the road takes you because you are going to end up some place in the Hills and you could do a lot worse than that. ·Head west on 29 from Llano going towards Mason. You then turn left (south) onto 102 (Mark Hadley Team Roping sign might still be there) and then right at the “T” onto 104 and follow it towards Castell. ·That route will wind around to 103 where you take a right and then a left back to 104 and you keep heading west through some interesting terrain and eventually down along side the river until you get to 2768 where you will turn left (south) and cross over the Llano River to Castell. ·We will let you decide whether you want to stop at the Castell General Store to talk about paddle trips, campsites and fishing spots available around here. If you are hungry you probably can get some primo barbeque at the store on Saturday. ·Once you pass the store head east on 152 going towards Llano and then turn right onto 105 (south).·Next you will come to an intersection and you want to veer to the left and stay on 105.·105 will take you to another intersection where 105 heads back to the left, but you will want to turn right to get onto 109. You will need to make a right and then a left onto 109 so keep your eyes open and watch out for livestock. If you get lost here just drive in the opposite direction of any banjo music you might hear.·Stay on 109 and you will go over a crossing and then at the “T” take a left and then that should get you to 2323.·Next, take a right onto 2323 and follow that over the county line until you get to Schneder Moellering Road where you will take a left. Relax. You are doing fine and you’re not nearly as far from civilization as you might think.·Follow that road until the “T” at Gypsum Mine Road where you will take a left. Gypsum Mine also is referred to as Fredericksburg-Gypsum.·Take a right at Keese Road and that should take you to 965 (or you can divert and take a left and go look at the Tatonkas). When you get to 965, take a left there and head to Crabapple.·Turn to the right (east) on Lower Crabapple Road and then turn left onto Eckert Road and follow it to 16. ·Congratulations, you have made it to what likely are more familiar surroundings. 1323 is on the other side of 16 so hop onto it and head east over to Willow City where you might want to take a pit stop at Harry’s Place or Knot in the Loop. When you get to Harry’s Place turn left onto the Willow City Loop and that will take you up to 16. ·If you have had enough of the back roads turn right and take 16 north to Llano. If not, still take a right on 16 and turn left onto CR 113. If you pass Oxford you have gone too far.·Stay on CR 113 until it dead ends with 2323 where you will turn left.·Follow 2323 and turn right (north) onto CR 106 (dirt road) and you can follow it all the way to 152.·Turn right (east) on 152 and that will take you to Llano.

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Llano-Willow City Loop

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