Landa Park Pool

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This is a superbly supreme swimming hole that is spring-fed just like at Barton Springs in Austin.   This pool is found on the vast majority of top ten lists of swimming holes because the water is cold, clean and clear and this is a scenic and relaxing place to beat the relentless Texas summer heat. They even have an excellent slide of about 100 feet that plops you right into the icy water. This pool along with Barton Springs in Austin and Sewell Park in San Marcos are three outstanding publicly-owned, Edwards Aquifer spring-fed water bodies that are not to be missed. In fact, if you were to start fairly early in the morning you could pull off a hat trick by visiting all of them in one day. It has been done.  Go early and beat the crowds or even better go during the week when it will not be as busy. You don’t have to check the flows before coming out.  If the pool is open the water will be fine.

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Landa Park Pool
100 Hinman Island Drive
New Braunfels, TX 78131
(830) 221-4350
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