Kerrville-Vanderpool Loop

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Here is a fun drive that contains some really stunning hills and gorgeous water crossings and it is pretty easy to follow. There are lots of potential swimming holes along this route and you can scout the crossings as possible put in or take out points for kayaks or for fishing areas. It would be a good idea to check with Kerrville Kayak if you are thinking about paddling in this portion of the Guadalupe because there are a fair amount of impoundments up here and the water levels vary at the crossings. This drive is not nearly as stunning as the road to Multnomah Falls outside of Portland, but it certainly is nothing to shake a stick at either. Begin by taking 27 west from Kerrville heading towards Ingram. ·At Ingram (site of the slippery dam) continue heading west and get on 39 towards Hunt.·Once you get to Hunt veer right onto 1340, which crosses the Guadalupe River a number of times and passes by  the entrance of the Kerr Wildlife Management Area. ·Stay on 1340 until it dead ends with 41 at which point you will turn left (west).·You will pass the YO Ranch gate and stay on 41 until you hit Hwy 83 at which point you will turn left (south). ·Stay on 83 until you get to Leakey at which point you will need to tighten your seatbelts for the drive heading east over to Vanderpool on 337, which is a seriously fun drive that has great views of the Hills. There are turn outs along the way if you want to pull over and take a gander at the view, but be careful when doing that.·Once you get to 187 just north of Vanderpool turn left and follow it past Lost Maples and back to 39. ·Take a right onto 39 (east) and in a few miles you will start to go over the crossings of the southern fork of the Guadalupe River. Keep an eye out for the boot fence on your left. The best crossings probably will be Mystic, Hunt and Schumacker (aka picnic area) if you are looking for a swimming hole. ·Stay on 39 and that will take you over to Crider’s and to Hunt and then on to Ingram (where you can get out and attempt the toe the moo moo maneuver while sliding down the dam) and back to Kerrville where you can go to the Back Porch Cantina, or Billy Gene’s to have a drink and some grub and further enjoy the river.

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Kerrville-Vanderpool Loop

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