Kendalia Halle

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kendaliaThis is another one of those amazing Hill Country dance halls that have been around forever, and that floor could tell more stories than your grandpa over a Memorial Day weekend. Kendalia Halle hosts a dance once a month usually the 2nd or 3rd Saturday and the cover price includes free barbecue. That’s right, free barbecue.  Dances here are a lot of fun and you really should try to head out here at least once before you lose all your good dance floor moves. The Halle has several picnic tables out front for your convenience if you want to step outside to cool down a bit.  Kendalia Halle is located near the intersection of 473 and 3351 and if you can’t find it without a gps you probably should not leave the city very often. For information about the dance schedule go to their website.  Have fun and keep dancing.

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Kendalia Halle
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