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Johnson City Loop – This is a very nice drive through some pretty interesting countrysid and it especially is a swell drive during the Spring when the bluebonnets are out. There should be plenty of good photo opportunities on these back roads. Start in Johnson City and head west on 290.·Turn left onto Flat Creek Road/CR 204.·You will come to an intersection where you should turn right onto what should be Rocky Road.·Rocky Road will take you back north to 290.·When you get to 290, turn left and head west over to RR 1.·Take a right onto RR 1 which is just west of Hye. Should be a fair amount of flat water around here if you want to do some paddling.·Follow RR 1 until you come to 1623 and take a right.·Head north on 1623 until you come to 2721 where you will take a left.·Stay on 2721 and then turn right onto Klein Ahrens.·Follow that road until you come to Wahrmund Ahrens where you will take another right.·When you come to 1631 turn right (you should see a sign to your right showing the way to Willow City at this intersection).·Next, take a right onto 1323.·Turn left onto Althaus Davis, which becomes 310 once you get into Blanco County. This is a very interesting stretch of road with cacti, rock outcrops, low water crossings, and loose livestock. We also have even seen some trolls at dusk up around these parts.·If you stay on this road it will become 3347 so just follow it until you get to 962.·At 962 you should turn right.·You will want to take a right at Smith-West Road/CR 308.·Follow that road until you can turn left onto 1323.·1323 will take you to 281 where you can turn right and head back to Johnson City to hang out for a while at Buddy’s.

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Johnson City Loop

Johnson City, TX 78636
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