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This one can be challenging because it has a fair amount of turns, and if you and your significant other do not get into a knock down drag out argument after taking this route you probably have a long future together. All kidding aside, do not attempt this journey unless you are feeling very patient and have a lot of spare time. Taking this route will get you to the Old Tunnel Wildlife Management Area, through the beautiful hamlet of Comfort, and out to some ranch land south and west of Fredericksburg. Keep your eyes open for rock fences. This route also will take you by the Willow City Loop and Harry’s Place if you want to take the long way around. When you are ready to hit the road, start by taking 290 east from Fredericksburg. If you are not up for this many turns, a couple of alternative scenic loops are provided below for your review.·Turn right onto Old San Antonio Road (might also be referred to as Mausebach Creek Rd.). ·When the road splits you want to stay on the one named Old San Antonio Road so veer to the left. You might not even know that you just veered to the left so you shouldn’t have to worry.·Stay on that road and further south it will be called the Old No. 9 Hwy somewhere around Grapetown. It might be worth your time to pull into Grapetown for a quick look around. ·What is now Old Hwy No. 9 should take you to the Old Tunnel bat cave and the Alamo Springs General Store if you want to take a pit stop. ·The Old No. 9 Hwy (maybe also referred to as the Old Fredericksburg Road at this point) will intersect with 473 and you will want to head straight down the same road you have been on in the same direction you have been heading and the road will turn into 473 (don’t turn to the left onto the other portion of 473) and it will take you to Comfort.·There are plenty of things to see and do in the old part of Comfort so you might want to get out and stretch your legs before continuing. You could even take High Street as far down as to the river if they are finished with the construction.·Next get onto Hwy 27 in Comfort (might also be referred to as 4th St. in town) and you will be heading southwest away from Comfort, and then you need to turn right onto Broadway. This turn off is right after a bend in the road and it is just as you are leaving town so you are going to have to be looking for the small Broadway street sign (there maybe a sign on the left side of the road, but not on the right side so this could be tricky). Just look for Comfort Park on your left and the two story tan brick house with the green roof and green metal fence on the right side of the road and turn right immediately after that house. If you pass over Cypress Creek then you have gone too far so double back.·Broadway will take you to Gaddis Bluff Rd. (first right after you cross the creek in case the sign is still missing so look for the Lilly of the Valley Shrine where you turn right) and you will follow Cypress Creek for a while and it will take you under IH-10.·Gaddis Bluff Rd. will bend back to the left (don’t be surprised if the sign indicates you are now on Cypress Creek Rd. at this point) and veering to the left should bring you to a “T” with a stop sign (IH 10 should be on your left, although you might not be able to see it from where you are). Turn right so that in a few miles you can take another right onto Hasenwinkle Road that eventually will turn into Center Point Road and it will take you up towards Fredericksburg. ·You will follow Hasenwinkle/Center Point Road for a pretty good distance so just be patient. You should be heading north at this point.·You should come to another “T” where you will turn right. ·You next will want to turn to the left at the stop sign at what should be 16. ·Go ahead and pat yourself on the back because most of the difficult part is behind you. You should be able to turn right onto Leyendecker Road where you will be heading north off of 16. ·From Leyendecker, turn left onto 2093 (Tivydale Road) at the “T” where there is a stop sign.·After that, turn right onto Hayden Ranch Road. ·This should take you to 290 where you will turn to the right to get back to Fredericksburg.·You should take 290 until you come to 16 where you will take a left heading north again. Once you get to Eckert (you might not even know you are there) you can turn to the right on 1323 or the road to Willow City or whatever the sign says these days and you will pass by Knot in the Loop and Harry’s Place. At Harry’s Place if you turn to the left that is the beginning of the Willow City Loop. Lots of people prefer taking the loop in a counterclockwise direction because at one point off to the left in the bottom of the valley you will see a house in the distance that is surrounded by bluebonnets during the season. After you finish the loop, you will turn to the left onto 16. ·After turning left onto 16 drive back down south to Eckert and again turn left onto 1323. Take that road through Willow City and when you come to 1631 take a right.·1631 will take you to Fredericksburg. ·Good job, go have a beer or get something to eat or both at one of the fabulous places in Fredericksburg like Altdorf’s, or Auslander’s.If you read all of those instructions before taking off on your journey and you think that might be a little much to try to follow, consider these two alternate scenic drives that nonetheless will take you to some very nice areas.Alternate East Route·From Fredericksburg take 290 east·Turn left onto 1631 (on the outskirts of town) and follow it all the way up to 1323.·Turn left onto 1323. This will take you to the Willow City Loop if that holds any interest for you – and it should.·Follow 1323 to 16. On the other side of 16 is the Eckert Road and you will want to follow that road. [Alternatively, if you decide to take the Willow City Loop you will need to turn left onto 16 to get off the loop and then head south down to Eckert Road where you will turn to the right]·Stay on Eckert Road until in intersects with Lower Crabapple Road.·Turn to the left and that should take you back to Fredericksburg.Alternate West Route·Take 16 west out of Fredericksburg.·Turn to the right onto 2093.·Follow 2093 all the way to Harper. On the other side of 290 you will find 783 and you want to follow it north. ·Take 783 all the way up to Doss.·At Doss turn to the right taking 648.·648 will take you to 87 where you can turn to the right and head back to Fredericksburg.

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