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Here is another drive through some beautiful scenery, and this one takes you to the far western edge of the Hill Country and the Nueces and Frio River Basins where you can find a few more campgrounds and outfitters for outdoor fun. The eastern portion of this loop covers many of the same roads that are covered by the western portion of the Bandera-Concan-Sabinal Loop. Check the description for that loop if you are looking for outfitters in the Frio River Basin. If you are not interested in following those roads on this loop, you can always take Hwy 83 south from Leakey all the way down to Uvalde. Don’t worry, just follow the directions below and you should end up OK. Before leaving Camp Wood ask the locals where the Slim Lindbergh airstrip is located. Leave Camp Wood (home of Clear Creek Outfitters who really know their stuff when it comes to the Nueces River) headed north on State Hwy 55. If you turn left onto River Road/7th St. it will take you to the Rocky River Camp, which is a fine little place on the crystal clear river. ·Heading north on 55 at Barksdale turn right onto 335, the first of the “three sisters,” and follow it up to 41. Not as many switch backs as on 337, but this too is a great drive and you might find a crossing or two that makes a nice play area.·Turn right onto 41.·Stay on State Hwy 41 until you come to State Road 336 where you will turn right onto the second of the three sisters, which is another great road for a drive. ·Stay on 336 and it will take you to Leakey. If you want even more scenery, turn to the right off of 336 onto Kent Creek Ranch Road/Loop north of Leakey and it should take you back to 336 and then you can head to Leakey.·If you want to take the short loop, when you get to Leakey turn right onto 337, the last of the three sisters, and hop back over to Camp Wood. Lots of switch backs and steep grades and sharp turns on this road.·If you prefer the long loop, stay on 336 and it will take you to Highway 83 to Leakey where you could pop by Josh’s for some information about the river flows. Just south of Leakey you can turn left onto 1120. Another option is to follow Hwy 83 all the way to Uvalde if you do not want to take the Frio River crossings (you will see several cabins, outfitters and campgrounds along 83 such as Yeargan’s, Happy Hollow and Seven Bluff Cabins). ·If you decide to take 1120, it will wind around the Frio River where you will see additional campgrounds and cabins such as Magers River Camp and River Oaks Resort. ·From 1120 turn left onto 2748.·2748 will turn into CR 350 on the other side of the intersection with 1050.·Stay on CR 350 and it will take you back to 83.·Turn left (south) onto Hwy 83 for a short distance and then turn left onto CR 348/River Road.·That road will take you down to 127 where Andy’s is located after passing by a couple of nice spots along the river. ·Take a left onto 127 and follow it a short distance until you pass Neal’s Cabins at the Frio River where you will turn right onto 2690. ·Follow 2690 down to Hwy 83 and it will take you to Uvalde.·From Uvalde, you can take Highway 55 north back up to Camp Wood which will take you by Chalk Bluff, Nueces River Adventures, Big Oak and Wes Cooksey Park.

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