Blanco-Henly-Cypress Mill Loop

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Here is another fun route with a few opportunities to stop off and see some beautiful areas off of Hamilton Pool Road. You might want to walk around the town square in Blanco and try to figure out what big event you could organize to be held on the second floor of the old courthouse before hitting the road. Remember that this building is no longer a courthouse and it is available to rent out for private parties. From Blanco, head east on 165. ·Turn right onto CR 190/Creek Road just before Henly.·Veer left staying on CR 190/Creek Road. Do not take the right to Pursley/CR 198.·This road will bend around a bit so just stay on it and eventually it should take you to 290. ·Head east on 290 and take a left onto RR 12. ·Following 12 should get you up to 3238/Hamilton Pool Road. You know you are there when you can see Bert and Ernie’s place. ·Turn left onto 3238/Hamilton Pool Road and eventually that road should become 962. You will pass by Reimer’s Ranch, Hamilton Pool and Westcave Preserve on this leg of the journey. If you have time, you really should consider stopping at one of those places to do some hiking or swimming. Also, if you have never been to Hamilton Pool do not tarry, just go over there and take a look at what is our favorite swimming hole on public property in the Hill Country. ·Follow 962 until you get to Cypress Mill Road where you will turn to the left to head west (on Spur 962).·Follow Cypress Mill Road and it will turn into CR 301 and CR 301 should take you to 281 where you can turn left.·When you get to 2766 right around Johnson City take a left. ·Follow 2766 for a few miles and then turn right onto CR 202/Yager Creek Road.·Stay on that road until you get to 290 where you will turn right.·A short distance later you will turn left on Middle Creek Road/CR 410.·Middle Creek will take you to 165 where you turn right and head back to Blanco. ·Go reward yourself by taking a dip at the State Park or at least consider going there to relax under the shade trees. Alternatively, you could head over to the Iron Horse if you would like an adult beverage.

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Blanco-Henly-Cypress Mill Loop

Blanco, TX 78606
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