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Ok, we certainly do not suggest that you drive while under the influence, but if you have a designated driver this day trip could be a real hoot. Start out at any of the beer gardens in Fredericksburg and have a light lunch. Presumably you are wise enough to know whether it is advisable to begin by having a beer in Fredericksburg. Then again, perhaps that is a rebuttable presumption. From Fredericksburg, head east on 290 until you come to 1376 and turn right (south), which should take you to Luckenbach. ·If you have never been to Luckenbach, then you should get ready to marvel at the place. It has the type of atmosphere that motion picture set designers try to emulate, but can never quite attain. However, you need to know that Luckenbach is not right on 1376. You might see a sign for Upper Luckenbach but that is not the real deal. Keep driving and look for the Luckenbach Loop on your right and you will find the place. If you are visiting in the late Spring or early Summer be sure to watch out for the tree worms.·You probably will want to hang out in Luckenbach for a while especially if it is your first time here, but when you are ready to take your leave hop back onto 1376 heading south (same direction you were heading to get to Luckenbach) and follow it to the Sisterdale Trading Company and Saloon. The saloon has marginal outdoor seating and a real nice wood carved bar inside. They might even let you play some dominoes, but watch out if you get into a game of 42 or you might lose your house, truck, dog, kayak, fishing gear or some combination thereof. If you want to take a break from beer, the Sister Creek Vineyards is just down the road in a converted 1885 cotton gin — real sweet. ·After Sisterdale, head south on 1376 and take a left (east) onto 473 heading to Kendalia. The Kendalia Halle likely will not be open when you get there during the daylight hours, but it is worth a quick stop so you can see one of the older dance halls in the Hills even if it is just from the outside. You will want to make it by this place at least once when there is a dance going on so look up the contact information and keep in touch with those folks. ·From Kendalia head south on 3351 and you will pass the Bergheim Campground right before crossing over the Guadalupe River. Stay on 3351 until you get to the intersection with 46. O’Brien’s Restaurant and Bar is located close to the intersection so you can head over there for a quick stop. ·After you finish at O’Brien’s head east on 46 and then turn left (north) onto 281.·While heading north on 281 you will see Guadalupe Canoe and Livery and Guadalupe Canoe and Camping on your left. ·Taking 281 just north of Spring Branch on your right you will see the Shade Tree Saloon, which has a nice outdoor seating area. If you did not earlier have lunch you can grab a bite to eat here. When you are finished, keep heading north on 281. ·Keep your eyes open for this next spot because it is not directly on the side of the road. When you pass 473 while on 281 start looking on the right side of the road for the Twin Sisters Dance Hall sign (it will be north of the Twin Sisters auction and antique barn). If the gate is not locked go ahead and drive in and the road will take you right to the hall. This place also probably will not be open when you go by, but as we said it is nice to pay homage to these grand old halls whenever you get the chance. If it does happen to be open, even if folks are just setting up for a private party that night, try to stick your head in the door for a few minutes to get a feel for the place. They do have dances that are open to the public occasionally so contact them for more information. Who knows, you might even want to rent the place for that next milestone birthday.·Hop back onto 281 and head north to Blanco where you can spend some time at the Iron Horse or pop over to the State Park if you want to take a quick dip to regain your senses. ·How are you hanging after Blanco? Administer a field sobriety test to the members of your party and then load up and head north on 281 to Johnson City where you could go to Buddy’s for some refreshments. ·When you get back on the road after leaving Buddy’s resist the urge to profess your undying gratitude to the designated driver for agreeing to take you on this fabulous trip. ·Head west on 290 and turn left at the post office in Hye onto the Hye-Albert Road/CR 206. LBJ swore in a Post Master General at this location — swore in, not swore at.·Follow the road until you get to 1623 where you will turn right (west) and follow it to Albert where you can hang out under the oak trees at the Albert Ice House and by doing so significantly increase the town’s population. ·After you are done in Albert, get back onto 1623 heading west and that should take you to 290 near Stonewall.·From there, head west on 290 over to Fredericksburg for a nightcap if you are up for it and then get some well-deserved rest. Write a note and pin it to your pieyamas to remind yourself in the morning that you will never again engage in such frivolous behavior, or at least that you will not do so for six months.·One other thing, be sure to find out who is playing in Luckenbach the day of your trip. If it is somebody you want to see you would be well-advised to head in the reverse direction from what is described above so you can end up in Luckenbach for the show. You can flop at the Armadillo Farm and Campground or the Blue Moon if you don’t feel like heading back to Fredericksburg after the show.·The next morning should begin with some spicy food for breakfast or lots of biscuits and gravy.

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