Bandera-Concan Loop

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This is another route that will take you through some terrific hills and across some fabulous river crossings, but instead of exploring the Guadalupe River this trail takes you to the fabulously frosty Frio River. This is the route that you want to take to become familiar with the camping spots and most of the outfitters in the Frio River Canyon. The general locations of the outfitters are identified below. This route will take you by some aquatically fun places so you might want to grab a towel and some river shoes to take on the trip. Start off by heading west from the “Cowboy Capital of the World” otherwise known as Bandera (Bandera Kayak & Tube, and the Medina River Company are located in town if you need to rent a yak) on 16 and then turn left (south) onto 470. ·Stay on 470/Texas Hill Country Road and head to Tarpley (Mac and Ernie’s Roadside Eatery-delish). From Tarpley stay on the twisting, turning State Road 470 and scoot over to 187.·Turn left (south) on 187 to Utopia (long ago known as Waresville when settled in the 1850s) and then take a right on 1050 heading west towards Hwy 83. Check out the Utopia Park area near the intersection for a possible kayak put in location or for a fishing spot. ·Before you get to Hwy 83 you will come to the intersection with 2748 and CR 350. Take a right (north) on 2748 and follow it to 1120 where you will take a right and head to Rio Frio. See whether you can tell which tree is the national champion live oak at Rio Frio. You are going to start passing some outfitters so pull over if you have any questions about paddling in this area. They also might be able to help you with fishing and camping information.·Continue on 1120 until it intersects with Hwy 83 where you can turn right if you want to visit Leakey (Josh’s Outfitters) or left to head down towards Garner State Park (B&B Grocery and Happy Hollow Grocery). ·When heading south on Hwy 83 away from Leakey keep on the lookout for the sign for 1050 and Garner State Park. Take a left (west) onto 1050 until you get back to the intersection with 2748 and CR 350. This time take a right (south) onto CR 350 (Star Rentals) and follow it back to Hwy 83. This route is easier to follow than it might appear from reading the directions and it will get you to the vast majority of the river crossings and to most of the outfitters so we think it is worth the time to do all this criss crossing and back tracking. ·Turn left and follow Hwy 83 south for a short distance and turn left onto River Road/CR 348 (Frio Country Resorts, Frio Fergie’s, and Frio River Intrepid Outfitters). Follow this all the way down to Concan (settled in 1840) where you will come out next to Andy’s and take a left (east) onto 127 heading towards Neal’s, or you can take a right and go to the other Josh’s Outfittters location. ·Take 127 heading east from Neal’s all the way down to Sabinal and then head east on Highway 90 to Hondo where they really know their brown recluses at the medical center. ·You will want to head north on 462 out of Hondo, the county seat of Medina County.·Then turn right onto 131/Lower Dixie Road to drive through the Hill Country State Natural Area. ·When you are up around the Hill Country State Natural Area you will want to get onto 1077, which will take you back to Bandera. ·There are plenty of open-air beer joints in Bandera if you need to wet your whistle. Or, you can find plenty of places to go for a horseback ride if it isn’t too hot in the afternoon.

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Bandera-Concan Loop

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