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If you have ever driven from Pa’ia to Hana then that journey should give you an idea of what to expect by taking this route, sans the Pacific Ocean. Here is the way we prefer to make this “loop” and it is pretty simple. Grab some apple pie and strudel in Medina and head west on 337 to Vanderpool (our favorite of the three sisters). This is a good way to start the trip because it will cause you to focus on your hand/eye coordination, braking and accelerating sequencing, and orifice clinching skills necessary for the rest of the drive. ·Once you get to Vanderpool head north on 187 until you can turn to the left and get back onto 337 heading west. ·This is without a doubt one of the more beautiful drives in the Hill Country. If you are in a vehicle, watch out for motorcycles because they sometimes cross over the yellow line. If you are on a motorcycle, watch out for vehicles because they cross over the yellow line at practically every turn. ·Just like the sign says, steep grades and sharp turns ahead – and boy are they a blast. We do not recommend that you accelerate to a speed sufficient to cause your tires to squeal like a banshee on the turns, but if you do so rest assured you are not the first. ·You will descend into the river valley and then start your ascent over the next series of hills heading to Leakey. ·We prefer to take 337 from Leakey over to Camp Wood in the adjoining Nueces River Basin to complete the first leg of this fabulous trip. ·When you come down off the top of the hill heading towards Camp Wood the road will flatten out noticeably. When you pass by the spot located in between the two new bridges please say a little remembrance for our good friend Wally. Wally was getting on up in years and his passing in the spring of ’07 was not unexpected. The silver lining is that Wally kicked the bucket while doing something he loved – following the winding roads of the Hill Country. In any event, this is the spot in the road where Wally blew a couple of gaskets and split his head and went to that great car heaven in Camp Wood. Wally was 78 in people years and 13 in vehicle years. If you see what is left of a white 1994 Exploder with a Honu bumper sticker on the back at the wrecking yard on the east side of Camp Wood that will be Wally. Unless of course someone plopped a rebuilt engine in and he rides again. If you are looking for a good mechanic in Camp Wood we suggest you try Joe’s Auto Repair.·Once you get into Camp Wood you can relax for a little while and chomp down on your apple treats. There are a few campgrounds and outfitters up this way if you want to stop by and talk to those folks about the water conditions. They are identified in the directions to the Camp Wood Loop.·To complete the “loop,” we suggest backtracking and following 337 all the way to Medina for more pie and strudel. You could take another route back, but wouldn’t you like to see the views heading in the other direction on 337?

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337 Loop

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