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If you are looking for a place to rent equipment to tube, raft or paddle down the various Hill Country watercourses in Central Texas, then the river outfitters in the region will be able to set you up with everything you need. We strongly urge you to contact area outfitters or local park personnel to obtain river flow information before heading to the water. At certain flows the watercourses can be very dangerous if you are not properly trained and equipped and at other times you could end up dragging your boat or tube over a lot longer distance of riverbed than you had anticipated. Both of those situations should be avoided so get the low down from knowledgeable sources before hitting the water.


To find River Outfitters in the Texas Hill Country use the search form above and select "River Outfitters" from the activity menu. Next select a distance and city and press the "SEARCH" button.

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Abbott’s Campground

This campground is located on the gorgeous Guadalupe River and it offers swimming and floating opportunities in the burrr cold river water. The water is pretty chilly here because it is coming from the bottom of the relatively deep Canyon Lake reservoir (the deep, cold waters provide suitable conditions to allow trout to inhabit this […]

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