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One of the purest forms of enjoying the great outdoors is to put on a pair of hiking boots or shoes and take a walk-about in the campgrounds, parks, recreation areas and private ranches located out in the hills of Central Texas. Hiking not only provides a great form of low-impact exercise, it also gives you fabulous opportunities to explore the rugged terrain of the Texas Hill Country where you can go to enjoy some nature photography or birding. Remember not to over do it if you haven’t been hiking in a while and always take plenty of water. Also, it is probably a good idea to obtain information from the site owner regarding the change in elevation that accompanies each of the trails. The last thing you want to do is to tote your dear old granny on a trail with you that has a 2,000′ change in elevation.


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Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve

This 125 acre preserve offers nine trails through different habitats – dry dessert like, hills typical of the Texas Hill Country with over 300 Madrone trees and 37 native grasses, and a canyon with pond – built by the Pipe Creek -, with big Spanish oaks and Escarpment cherries and 200 year old junipers. You […]

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Blanco Shoals

This is an 81 acre natural area located mostly west of the Blanco River, just below the bridge at IH35 in San Marcos. Blanco Shoals is unique in that it is an undeveloped riparian area, which is projected to remain that way except for a few trails to be built. This area contains high bank […]

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Blue Mountain Peak Ranch

This is another of those beautiful privately owned ranches available to the public and this one is located 17 miles southwest of Mason off RR 1871 in the northwest portion of the Hill Country. You can go here for camping, hiking, mountain biking and wildlife viewing activities. Guided kayak trips on the Llano River also […]

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Boerne City Lake Park

This is one of those relatively small lakes that is a great place to go swimming because no motorized boats are allowed on the water. This also is a good place to go fishing and they have hiking trails and a butterfly garden. They also have a bird watching blind for you to use. Exit […]

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Bright Leaf Natural Area

This 200 acre natural area is the home to numerous bird species, including some endangered species. The site is available to the public on the second weekend of each month, but you have to make arrangements beforehand because all hiking and birding must be conducted with one of the site’s guides.

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Bull Creek Park

This is a nice, but relatively small park where lots of people take their dogs to visit with other dogs. It used to be an off-leash park, but now you have to keep Fido on a lead during your visit. You can play around with your dog near the creek at the main part of […]

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Camp Ben McCulloch

This park is located in Driftwood, and is across the street from the famous Salt Lick restaurant. Better for wading or horizontal body immersing than for swimming most of the time, but still this is a nice place with lots of shade. The level of rowdiness exhibited by some of the visitors to this park […]

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Campbell’s Hole

This famous swiming hole is located about a mile upstream from Barton Springs on Barton Creek. You could also get to it by taking the Spyglass Road access point and then turning left onto the trail once you get down to the creek. This should be a good size pool when the water is up […]

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Canyon Falls RV Park

This RV Park allows tent camping and you can use the grounds for hiking or to explore the spring fed ponds. They also feature horseback riding and offer hayrides. As an added bonus, they are very close to the famous Horseshoe so you can do some tubing while you are here. Daisy Duke’s is located […]

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Canyon Lake Gorge

This recently created gorge, at least in geologic time, was carved out of the landscape by tremendous amounts of water flowing over the spillway in 2002, which was the first and only time that happened since the dam was constructed. This is a very impressive feature and it serves as a reminder of just how […]

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