Cabins and Other Lodgings

Cabins and Other Lodgings
Even though the primary focus of this website is to direct you to outdoor recreation sites located in the Hill Country, we realize that there will be times when you prefer to leave the tent at home and rent a room for the weekend. In an effort to assist you in finding a place to stay, we have made available summaries for over 500 bed and breakfast, cabin, cottage, inn, river house and lodge locations. The purpose of the guide is not to provide an extensive description of all the lodgings out in the hills.  Instead, we have culled all the lame places such as chain hotels, highway access road motels or anything similar to those places in our database. What we do have summaries for is listings for lodgings that are unique and, for the most part, privately owned. To inquire about rates or to make a reservation, click onto the link for the property you are interested in our summaries.


To find Cabins and Other Lodgings in the Texas Hill Country use the search form above and select "Cabins and Other Lodgings" from the activity menu. Next select a distance and city and press the "SEARCH" button.

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10 St Cottage

This two bedroom cottage sits real close to the 11th Street Saloon and is only two blocks from the beautiful Medina River.  There also is a separate 1 bedroom unit available that is onsite.

Cabins and Other Lodgings