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Head to the Country of Eleven-Hundred Springs
Our experience has been that when you spend a lot of time outdoors it does not take long before you become tuckered out and dry as a bone and desperately in need of replenishing fluids – “Purity of essence, Mandrake.” If you have been out all day swimming, paddling, fishing, riding, driving, hiking, biking or otherwise exploring the glorious Hill Country then run a search for the close to 100 beer gardens and other establishments on our website where you can go to relax and enjoy a refreshing adult beverage.


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11th St. Cowboy Bar

This bar has a spacious outdoor seating area and it features live music and dancing. This is a fine little bar where there is plenty of fun to be had and the folks are more than happy to give you tips about other things to do in the area. The bar is located at 307 […]

Beer Gardens

This is a nice little beer garden located right by the train tracks so be sure to bring a few pennies to lay on the tracks so the train can flatten them paper thin.  The big bonus about this beer garden is that they brew their own beer and several times during the week they […]

Beer Gardens
Alamo Springs General Store and Cafe

This café is “out in the country” as some folks are fond of saying and it has a shaded outdoor seating area, which really comes in handy when it is hot outside. The café is located just a stones throw away from the Old Tunnel Wildlife Management Area for your bat viewing and thirst quenching […]

Beer Gardens
Albert Ice House

New meets old at this icehouse located in the booming megalopolis of Albert, population 4 according to the sign. The town was recently purchased, that’s right it was sold, so come out and say hello to the new owners. There are some huge oak trees out back with some picnic tables, a deck and a […]

Beer Gardens
Altdorf’s Restaurant and Biergarten

This biergarten is located at 301 W. Main St. in a very nice historic limestone building constructed in the 1840s and it is probably just what you are expecting from a biergarten in Fredericksburg. This biergarten is an absolutely great place to spend the afternoon after taking a trip to Willow City or after you […]

Beer Gardens
Anhalt Hall

This place has been around since the early 1900s and is a great example of the meeting places used by many of the old German Farmers’ Associations. It was designed by the same person who designed Gruene Hall and the bowed ceiling rafters used here create a look inside the hall that is different from […]

Beer Gardens
Auslander’s Restaurant and Bier Garten

This sweet bier garten has some seriously good Central Texas live music and a nice beer selection. You can drop by here to quench your thirst after trekking around Enchanted Rock all day. This is another of those great places to hang out in a bier garten when you are tired of walking up and […]

Beer Gardens
Badu House

This excellent event center previously was the First National Bank of Llano and it has an inviting outdoor seating area for you to enjoy some adult beverages after your paddle trip down the Llano River from the Castell area. Check out the terrific llanite bar inside this superb building and ask them to show you […]

Beer Gardens
Beer Garden Loop

Ok, we certainly do not suggest that you drive while under the influence, but if you have a designated driver this day trip could be a real hoot. Start out at any of the beer gardens in Fredericksburg and have a light lunch. Presumably you are wise enough to know whether it is advisable to […]

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You are not going to get more German than this place while you are in San Antonio.  They are out to promote German music, food and bier.

Beer Gardens