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Tubing Time

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If you are considering heading out for a tubing trip over the weekend there are some things to keep in mind to make sure your outing is both fun and safe. First, regardless of where you go be sure to contact the outfitters beforehand to check on local conditions.  You will want to make sure the river is OK for tubing before you leave home. Always contact the outfitters before heading out to see whether there are any areas you should avoid.

The Comal River has been open for tubing for some time now and all outfitters in New Braunfels are open and ready for this weekend’s onslaught.  Remember when you get to the beginning of the chute to be patient and try not to get too frustrated if you get bunched up with other tubers at that spot on the river.


If you are going to be tubing below the First Crossing on River Road outside of New Braunfels be sure to ask about Huaco Rapids and Slumber Falls when you rent the tubes.  Those are real easy places to lose your tube and crash into rocks if you are not careful.


Besides all that always remember to secure the tops of your cooler so you do not lose containers when you wreck and make sure the cooler is not going to pop out of the tube when you go over rapids.  Never take glass or styrofoam to the river — that is the law.  Try to find a place that rents those light colored non-rubber tubes so you can avoid tube burn and rash.  The can ban will be going back into effect in New Braunfels soon, and other rules apply so check with your outfitter regarding prohibited activities.  Also remember that there are some relatively new alcohol prohibition rules in effect in the San Marcos Parks and public consumption of alcohol is prohibited in the New Braunfels parks. Wear river shoes, not flip flops. Do not take your best pair of sunglasses on the water with you.  Have fun and remember it is always better to go early in the day because things can get very crowded and a little rowdy in the afternoon.