River Outfitters

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The following information about river flows and river outfitters might be useful to determine where to go paddling on area rivers.  If you go, DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK  because sometimes CONDITIONS CAN BE VERY DANGEROUS regardless of the flow levels, and flows that are fun for some will be treacherous to others. WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY FOR ANY RELIANCE ON THE INFORMATION REGARDING RIVER OUTFITTERS, and the INFORMATION BELOW IS PROVIDED “AS IS” WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY FOR your acts or omissions, the conditions found at any of the sites we have described on our website, or the information contained in our descriptions of the destination sites.  We strongly urge you to TALK TO RIVER OUTFITTERS ABOUT ANY POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS CONDITIONS YOU MIGHT ENCOUNTER AND TO DISCUSS PROPER PRECAUTIONS THAT NEED TO BE TAKEN BEFORE ENTERING THE WATER.  Finally, ALWAYS EXERCISE CAUTION AND REMEMBER TO WEAR A PERSONAL FLOTATION DEVICE.


Talk to the Experts

If you are looking for a place to rent equipment to raft, canoe or kayak down the various Hill Country watercourses in Central Texas, then the river outfitters in the region will be able to set you up with everything you need. We strongly urge you to contact area outfitters or local park personnel to obtain river flow information before heading to the water. At certain flows the watercourses can be very dangerous if you are not properly trained and equipped and at other times you could end up dragging your boat over a lot longer distance of riverbed than you had anticipated. Both of those situations should be avoided so get the low down from knowledgeable sources before hitting the water.

Know the Water Conditions

Many of the outfitters we have listed rent kayaks for use on area streams and rivers. Others rent kayaks for use on flat water such as the various reservoirs/lakes in the region and areas where smaller dams have been erected across rivers. We have identified where the closest watercourses are to the various outfitters so you will have an idea of what paddling conditions should be expected. Be sure to contact the outfitters to ask whether they rent white water, recreational or touring boats to make sure what they have is what you need, and to check as to whether there are any dangerous conditions where you will be paddling. You also should contact them to determine whether nearby trips feature moving water or flat water and it always is a good idea to call and reserve a boat for your use. If you want to obtain information regarding the weather forecast or water conditions up in the hills, you can do so by going to the Local Weather button above and then using the links that are provided.

Using Your Own Equipment

If you have your own yak you can contact the outfitters and try to arrange for shuttles and/or a place to park your vehicle while you are on the water. Many of the outfitters will offer this service for a reasonable rate, but check before you go because some of them are pretty pricey and it is much better to tell them no dice over the telephone rather than driving out there only to discover they charge an arm and a leg for a shuttle. Also, if you are thinking about taking the kayak to a private campground be sure to contact the owners to make sure that is allowed. A growing number of campground owners no longer allow folks to bring their own boats onto the property.