Pet Friendly

To find Pet Friendly in the Texas Hill Country use the search form above and select "Pet Friendly" from the activity menu. Next select a distance and city and press the "SEARCH" button.

pet friendly 4Rex, Leave that Llama Alone!

We have identified those locations on our website where pets are welcomed. By pets, we mean dogs so we give no assurances as to whether your pot belly pig or pet snake will be allowed to stay. We have focused our efforts on identifying where you can take your pooch when you are looking for swimming holes, hiking trails, campgrounds or lodgings. We did that because we didn’t think many people would take their dogs kayaking or mountain biking. If you don’t find a site offering the activity of interest to you that also welcomes dogs, do not give up hope. There undoubtedly are more places that will let you bring your dog than we have labeled as pet friendly, but we wanted to be conservative and only identify places that we are relatively confident will welcome your dog.


Here is another thing to keep in mind for those sites we have identified as being pet friendly. Site owners might say non-violent dogs are ok if kept on a leash or they will say small to medium size dogs are allowed on the property. Other times the property owners will allow dogs onsite, but they will not allow them in the cabin or outside of a fenced area. What all that means is you will be much better off by contacting the owners and getting additional information even if the site is listed as being pet friendly.


Here is the rule of thumb. Many of the publicly owned places will allow dogs if they are kept on a leash. The majority of privately owned facilities do not allow dogs onsite. Even if you are able to take the dogs with you, be sure to abide by any leash rules that might be in effect. You can’t imagine how angry a site owner will become if your sweet doggie decides to chase cattle around the pasture so be certain not to let that happen. “Curtis Ray, get off of that cow’s back right now, I mean it.”