Mountain Biking

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Look Mom, No Hands

mountain biking flat rock

The following information about mountain biking might be useful to determine where to go on your next ride.  If you go, DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK  because sometimes conditions can be very dangerous out on the trails.  WE ACCEPT NO LIABILITY FOR ANY RELIANCE ON THE INFORMATION REGARDING BIKE TRAILS, and the information below is provided “AS IS” WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. We strongly urge you to TALK TO LANDOWNERS ABOUT ANY POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS CONDITIONS YOU MIGHT ENCOUNTER AND TO DISCUSS PROPER PRECAUTIONS THAT NEED TO BE TAKEN BEFORE HEADING OUT.  

We have identified over thirty great destinations for you to do some shredding on the mountain bike trails. You can have loads of fun at these trails, but we urge you to contact the site owners before you hit the road so you can get the low down about site conditions. If you are just starting out with mountain biking you want to be sure to match the trail conditions to your skill level. You probably also want to ask whether the trails are open to hikers as well as bike riders so you will know whether to expect pedestrian traffic. Finally, you will want to check in with the site owner to find out whether there is any portion of the trail that will take you through water so you can plan accordingly.


If you want to get some general information about going mountain biking in the Hill Country we suggest you look at the Austin Bike site, or at the Mountain Bike Texas site.