Horseback Riding

To find Horseback Riding in the Texas Hill Country use the search form above and select "Horseback Riding" from the activity menu. Next select a distance and city and press the "SEARCH" button.

Hi Ho Silver, Away

horseback ridingWhen was the last time you rode a horse? Well, that’s too long. Be sure to inquire with the individual stable owners regarding the trail conditions. We doubt you will go through anything like the time when granddad had us round up some strays from the creek bottom the day we forgot to bring chaps (mesquite is still a four letter word to us), but you probably will want to get a good idea about the terrain to be covered and the general level of riding experience necessary to complete the journey.

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Whether it be dude ranches, guest ranches, riding stables, equestrian arenas or whatever else you want to call them, we have provided you with 40 places available for horseback riding or as granddad used to say, for “ridin.” No modifier needed unless you are riding something other than a horse. If overnight stays, food, lessons or access to water is available, we have included that information in the summaries for the riding sites.


Ok then, tighten up the cinch, watch where you step, do not forget to take some apples for the steeds, mount up and happy trails to you. One other thing, it probably is a good idea to wear boots (there is a reason they have heels) even if you think you will not be going any faster than a walk. Leave the Keens, Teva’s, Wolverines, Crocs, tennis shoes, sneakers (if you are from north of the Red River) basketball shoes, and especially the flip flops back at the campsite. If you are taking the kids or your beer-bellied husband riding, be sure to call first to see whether there are any restrictions regarding who can mount up. OK now, go see a man about a horse and hit the trail.