Cabins and Other Lodgings

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happy trails log cabinInformation for Cabins and Other Lodgings

Even though the primary focus of this website is to direct you to outdoor recreation sites located in the Hill Country, we realize that there will be times when you prefer to leave the tent at home and rent a room for the weekend. In an effort to assist you in finding a place to stay, we have provided summaries for over 500 locations where you can find a bed and breakfast, cabin, cottage, inn, lake house or a lodge. We have not included any chain hotels, highway access road motels or anything similar to those horrible places. In fact, we have limited the lodgings we have listed to those that are unique and, for the most part, privately owned.


Because our primary focus is not on accommodations, you will have to go to the lodgings’ websites to get more specific details about the rooms. In other words, don’t expect the information we have provided to tell you whether the cabin has a claw foot tub, whether there is a TV or DVD player onsite, or whether you have to bring your own sheets and towels to the cabin. Instead, we have focused on providing information such as: (1) how many bedrooms there are; (2) whether a bed and breakfast room has a private bath; (3) how many acres there are on the property if it is in a remote area; (4) whether there is a pool or hot tub onsite; (5) whether the room has a fireplace; and (6) whether there are decks, covered porches or screened porches onsite. In keeping with the general purpose of this Outdoor Guide, we also have provided information regarding whether the properties are located on a river or lake, and whether they offer swimming, fishing, wildlife viewing, hiking or other related outdoor activities onsite or nearby.

What About the Dog?

We have identified relatively few cabin owners who allow dogs onsite. That is the case, in part, because many of the cabins and cottages in our database are located in rather remote places and the property owners do not want your dog chasing their goats, deer or cattle. For some of the places that are identified as being dog friendly there are restrictions that apply so be sure to contact the owner before you load up Petey and head to the cabin.

About the Rooms

We decided to place a limit of about $150/night on the places that sleep only two. However, most of the one bedroom sites in the database fall within the range of $90 — $135 per night. We also have listed a few places that will sleep more than six, but most of what we have focused on are those properties that provide lodgings for couples or small groups of friends. We also cut out most of the high dollar resorts and the real swanky places because we would rather stay at a property that is rustic and remotely located. One last thing, the vast majority of places require a two night minimum stay so it could be difficult to find a place where you can stay just for Saturday night. That is one of the tradeoffs for booking a place owned by an individual rather than a corporation.

Stay Safe

Whatever you do make sure that you are mindful of not leaving unattended embers in the fireplace and above all else make double, triple sure the fire in the outdoor fire pit is fully extinguished before you retire for the evening. You don’t want to be the next sub-moronic dolt to start a fire and burn down somebody’s cabin.

Have fun and may your shoes be free of scorpions when you awake in the morning.