Birding and Bat Watching

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Look, Up in the Sky. It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, No it’s a Bat

TPWD Photo

TPWD Photo

We know that birding has really been taking off in Central Texas over the last few years and the nature viewing destinations, as well as many of the campground locations and swimming holes, can provide you with many opportunities to gander at our fabulous, feathered friends.


There is this Austin Audubon page that is helpful if you are looking for birding locations. Try the Bexar Audubon Society page for similar information in the San Antonio area. You could also try this page for more information on places to go. The TPWD recently came out with some very good nature viewing information that covers birding and other forms of wildlife viewing as well. It is a very valuable resource. Another interesting source regarding opportunities to view birds and wildlife in general in Central Texas is the site located here. The TPWD also has some general birding information locatedhere. If you are going to be looking for birds or bats in the Nueces, Frio or Sabinal River Basins be sure to contact Hill Country Adventures for information.


Just as a reminder, be sure to always watch where you are walking while on your birding expedition. You would not be the first person to trip over a log, back into a hole, or step off a ledge while trying to spot a bird.


Now don’t tell us you are afraid of bats. They should be appreciated because they are incredibly interesting creatures that love to dine on those pesky insects. You really should take the opportunity to watch an emergence at dusk at the several caves, bridges and other structures that serve as homes to the bats in the Hill Country. It can be quite a sight to behold at times. However, do not ever touch a grounded bat because they have been known to carry rabies you know. Whatever you do, don’t pull a Manu Ginobli and swat a bat out of the air or you most definitely will be going in for rabies shots. If you want some general information about bats in Central Texas, right here is one of the best places to visit.