Beer Gardens

To find Beer Gardens in the Texas Hill Country use the search form above and select "Beer Gardens" from the activity menu. Next select a distance and city and press the "SEARCH" button.

Head to the Country of Eleven-Hundred Springs

ginger manOur experience has been that when you spend a lot of time outdoors it does not take long before you become tuckered out and dry as a bone and desperately in need of replenishing fluids – “Purity of essence, Mandrake.” If you have been out all day swimming, paddling, fishing, riding, driving, hiking, biking or otherwise exploring the glorious Hill Country then run a search for the close to 100 beer gardens and other establishments on our website where you can go to relax and enjoy a refreshing adult beverage.

The beer gardens are our favorite places to go for refreshments and they all have one thing in common (even if sometimes it is a stretch) – you can enjoy your libation while spending time outdoors. As an added bonus, many of these places also feature live music and we have included that information in our descriptions of these fabulous destinations.


Bring us your parched, your thirsty, your dehydrated and we will direct them to the best outdoor watering holes in the Hills. “I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy – cheers.” If you need further explanation you probably have no business going to these fine establishments. As always, please drink responsibly and never drink and drive. Designated drivers are the best.