Upcoming Events

Troutfest is going to be held at the L&L Campground on the beautiful Guadalupe River this weekend. There will be programs, and presentations, and talks all geared to help you be a better bass catcher. One of the more fun programs will be the casting lessons. And then of course you can always go fishing. Have fun.

Spring weather will be heading our way soon so now is the time to prepare for your next bass fishing trip. If you need to work on your casting skills or if you want someone to give your kids some lessons, consider going over to Inks Lake State Park on Saturday. They will be giving casting instructions on the lawn in the morning for no additional charge other than the park’s admission fee. That is a good way to pick up on some free info. Later in the afternoon there will be a guided hike if you want to make a day out of the trip. Have fun.

If you are still grasping at that New Year resolution to get in better shape, you might want to give some thought to heading over to the Guadalupe River State Park Saturday morning or afternoon when park staff will be conducting some guided hikes. You get to learn all about the vegetation and forest creatures that inhabit the park, and you can stretch your legs as well. Have fun.