Upcoming Events

If you are planning on doing something outdoors this weekend be sure to take a look at the forecast before you head out. There is at least a 50% chance of rain from Friday through Sunday. If you are looking for something to do indoors you could always head over to Luckenbach for the big dance they will be throwing Friday night. Have fun.

The good folks over at Inks Lake State Park will be sponsoring free fishing lessons on Saturday morning of this week. They will supply all the gear and bait and you don’t even need a fishing license. On top of all that, the lessons only last for one hour so that will give you plenty of time to watch the really good college games on Saturday afternoon and night. Keep your eye on the weather because there is a chance of rain.

This Saturday morning you could take your children out to the LBJ State Park if you want to stretch your legs before watching hours of football. That is when park staff will make a presentation about native wildflowers, and then there will be a big wildflower seed planting event where you and the kids can participate in the planting. In the spring you can come back out and show your offspring the result of their efforts at planting seeds to provide for the next generation of wildflowers. That or you could spend three hours listening to talking heads argue about whether Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, or Ohio State should be ranked no. 1 in the country. Just sayin.