Upcoming Events

It is fixin to be hotter than a firecracker so now is the time of year to head out to the swimming holes and rivers for some tubing. However, if you are thinking about going to the Guadalupe River you should know that the flows are only at 49 cfs, which makes for a long, slow trip. Talk to area outfitters if you are thinking about heading to the Guadalupe to see how long it will take.

Saturday would be a great time to head over to Fredericksburg. That is when organizers will be holding one of the last crawfish festivals of the season. The shindig will be at Marktplatz, and it will feature live music, arts & crafts vendors, lots and lots of mud bugs and other great food, and a carnival for the kids with those always enchanting carnies. Have fun.

It is Cling Peach season in the Hill Country so now is the time to head over to the Fredericksburg/Stonewall area to grab some of those delicious Spring Gold and Regal varieties that are now available. You can go the traditional route of making a pie or a cobbler, or if you want to thumb your nose at the heat and say “take that” you could put some peaches over some homemade ice cream or use them to make a refreshing smoothie. Have fun and remember, eating fresh peaches will make you a better person and your dog will appreciate you even more.