Upcoming Events

If you have been beaten up this week for whatever reason, you have several options to cheer up this weekend. One way of getting out of the doldrums is to head over to Anhalt Dance Hall near Spring Branch on Saturday. That is when Billy Mata will be hosting a big dance at this historic venue. Have fun and don’t even think about line dancing.

If you haven’t given up your New Year resolutions for Lent then you might want to consider heading over to a farmer’s market this Saturday to purchase some fresh, locally grown produce. There will be markets open in Austin, Ingram, Kerrville, and New Braunfels. That would be a good way to stay on your new diet and it beats the heck out of getting a side salad and large fries at McDonalds. Check on the weather before heading out because there is a good chance of rain over the weekend.

Keep an eye on the weather if you are planning on doing something outside on Saturday. The forecast is for an 80% chance of rain and a high of only 49. That might end up being a good time to go watch a motion picture nominated for an Academy Award instead of going outside.