Upcoming Events

Now that the Lions Club is done renting tubes for the season, this coming Saturday and Sunday would be a good time to head over to Rio Vista Dam in San Marcos to go swimming. Looks like the highs over the weekend will be in the low 90s so it will still be a good time to cool down in the burr chilly river that flows through this charming college community. Have fun and try not to bump your noggin going through the chutes at the dam.

This coming Saturday is when you want to give some strong consideration to going to the Twin Sisters Dance Hall. That night they will be holding a fund raiser to help preserve this gorgeous, historic structure. They will have a chili and barbecue cook off, domino and washer pitching competitions, live music, and dancing right out in front of your Grandma Erlene and all her friends to see. Should be a blast so grab your boots, brush your hair, and get out there and dance, dance, dance.

It certainly will be warm enough to go tubing this weekend, but if you go to the Guadalupe River below Canyon Lake the flows are going to be very low. You would be better off taking your own tube to the San Marcos River or heading over to New Braunfels to tube on the Comal. Have fun.