Upcoming Events

Strangely enough, looks like the temperature is going to creep up to the low 70s this weekend. That makes Saturday a good time to head out to the Farmers’ Market in New Braunfels or Austin. That way you keep your New Year’s resolution to eat better this year, or at least until February when you break down and go to Taco Bell.

If you have lived here just a couple of years it should come as no surprise that the highs this weekend are projected to be in the 70s. From a low of 20 to a high of 75 in four days. After being trapped in the house for a day or two you probably will be ready to get out and about. If you have kids who missed a day or two of school you probably want to get them out of the house as well. One option would be to head over to Kerrville or Dripping Springs where they will be having livestock shows this week and throughout the weekend. Have fun.

This would be a good day to take an allergy pill and head over to Luckenbach. This afternoon the Bob Livingston Trio will be playing and then at night it will be Reckless Kelly. Should be a lot of fun.