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Even though it still is plenty hot out there, we are moving towards the end of the tubing season. That means several of the tube outfitters will soon move to renting on weekends only schedule once school begins. So, if you are planning on going tubing during the week after August 26th be sure to call ahead and make sure the tube rental service will be open. Have fun.

If you are going camping anytime soon be sure to check and see whether there is a burn ban at your destination. All but about six counties in the Hill Country currently have a burn ban in effect. You can still use a camp stove at many of the campgrounds, but it is best to check first before going out.

Just a reminder to always check the forecast before heading out to the water, even in August. Over the weekend a big storm hit just north of Uvalde and it put the Nueces at flood stage in no time at all. In fact, 27 people had to be rescued by boat and helicopter to get out of the flood zone. Always remember that it does not take long at all for a storm upstream to bring a wall of water to where you are on the river. Take care.