Upcoming Events

landa poolThis week’s swimming hole pick is the refreshing Landa Park Pool in New Braunfels.  Even though the kids are back in school it is still hotter than a pistol outside so this still is a good time to go enjoy the spring-fed waters here.  If you go early enough there won’t be enough people present to matter when they make fun of you for going down the slide.  Just sayin.

huaco tube guyThis week’s tubing tip is Camp Huaco Springs on River Road upstream from Gruene.  This is one of the more challenging places to go tubing because right after you get in you will go down Huaco Rapids and Slumber Falls.  Those are two places where lots of people crash.  Be sure to talk to the outfitter about which route to take or else you could crash into the rocks and sustain injuries like the guy in the photo. You should not go here unless you have lots of tubing experience and it is not a good place to take the kids.

inks lake 2If you want to celebrate the end of the school week then you should consider heading over to Inks Lake State Park this weekend. Friday early in the evening they will feature fishing lessons and they will supply the gear for you to use. On Saturday there will be geocaching in the morning, a paddle clinic in the afternoon, and a nighttime paddle trip to Devil’s Waterhole. Photo from TPWD files.